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Update: One of our favorite blog posts, refreshed for 2019!

We’re all familiar with the marketing breakdown of infomercials:

  1. Introduce ever-so-frustrated life without product
  2. Introduce life-changing product
  3. Show happy people using life-changing product
  4. See testimonials from real product users. (Note small print at bottom of screen about “typical results.”)
  5. Price is announced (Yikes, that’s a lot!)
  6. Find out the final “limited time/just for you/special offer/we’re only doing this once” cost. (Way lower than the “real” cost.)
  7. Order NOW to get the selling cost, and one more deeper discount – the “get all this” cost – the final, final cost.
  8. But WAIT, there’s more! Throw in all the “free” extras (you only have to pay shipping and handling). The final, final, final cost.

I am now the proud owner of Beach Body’s Hip Hop Abs, because I got an AMAZING deal! (Maybe someday, I’ll have amazing abs, too.) 😉
*This post was written several years ago. My abs are amazing! Amazingly, squishy.

Recently, I was thinking about my own marketing efforts to get the word out about the Worry-Free Website. I could totally go this route, because:

  • I have clients who were very frustrated
  • I have a great product
  • I have happy clients who have more time to focus on what’s important
  • I have glowing testimonies (not paid actors)
  • I have a cost that’s very reasonable
  • And, yes – there is more!

All cheesiness aside, I truly am excited about the solution I am able to offer my clients! A solution that not only gives you a professional and results-oriented online presence, but a solution that includes a local partner for the long haul. I am passionate about helping small businesses and start-ups succeed, and I am so happy to lift some of the burdens of running a business.

So, here goes my attempt at promoting what I think is an AMAZING deal! Enjoy the sarcasm – and maybe, entertain the thought of jumping on the Worry-Free Website network.

Kalamazoo-Worry-Free-Website-DesignWest Michigan Small and New Business Owners – are you pulling your hair out trying to create or maintain your website? Does your website look like it was designed 20 years ago, by your nephew, when he was learning coding in middle school? Have so many different people edited your site that there is no consistency to anything? Is your website working for you, or just taking up cyberspace?

What if you could get a brand new website that is:

  • Professionally designed, with your ideal client in mind (no cookie-cutter template sites with us)
  • Optimized for search engines (Hello, Google!)
  • Displayed correctly on all mobile devices – phones, tablets, etc.
  • Feature rich – photo galleries, custom forms, video embeds, and more!
  • Connected to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages – and posts your latest website updates to all of them for you
  • Secure (As of October 2017, all websites that aren’t encrypted are losing search engine rank)

How much does all this cost? Well, a website like this is probably thousands of dollars. I mean, who gets a professional website and friendly service that’s just a phone call or email away?

With the Worry-Free Website you’re not paying $10,000!

You’re not paying $5,000!!
(a very typical website budget)

You’re not even paying $3,000!!!

Instead you’re only paying


WHAT? Only $1,750 for a custom designed, 10-page website with a newsfeed, that’s search-engine friendly, secure, mobile responsive – AND a partner to help me continually improve it?!??!? There has to be some catch?

Well yes, there is one catch. You have to see your website as a major part of your overall marketing strategy and recognize that it is one of the most important investments you will make for your business. The $1,750 PRO site is our client favorite. Other options are also available.

So, how do we do it?
Because we have streamlined the process for building sites and put all clients on a monthly support plan (starting at $40/month), we can keep your upfront costs down, while continually improving your website over time. We are responsible for updating all software, plugins, and themes and keeping everything secure and backed up. We use premium add-ons for which we pay annual license fees – things like themes, forms, SEO, caching, image optimization, etc. You don’t need to pay those licenses, keep everything up to date, and deal with any issues. By bundling hosting, content publishing, and website support into your monthly plan, we actually $AVE you quite a bit of money that you would end up spending on your own for a premium website. Not to mention saving time and hassle. Worry-Free! And, we don’t have the overhead of a swanky downtown agency, so those savings are passed on to you. We work from home offices and drink lots of coffee!

You’ll also receive:

  • Daily backups (2 each day, saved in different locations!)
  • Cloud hosting (Fast page loads!)
  • Blog/Latest News feed (A great way to increase your SEO)
  • Monthly content updates – (Consistently fresh content also increases your SEO)
  • New features as they are added (your website just keeps getting BETTER for you!)
  • Website statistics
  • Hosting and domain name INCLUDED

With a Worry-Free Website, there’s no more…

  • trying to remember how to login to your site
  • trying to figure out how to format your text so it looks nice
  • wondering how to upload that picture you took on your phone
  • viewing your website and seeing that your changes didn’t save (yes, people forget to hit “save.”)


You’ll also get:

***A friendly, service-oriented website PARTNER that is here to help you succeed! You do what you do best and we’ll do what we do best!***

That’s it. We keep it simple, pleasant, and professional.

Oh, here are a few of those glorious testimonials that we have to include. 😉 We’ve launched over 275 websites since 2008!

If this “infomercial” has got you thinking, we’d love to talk with you more. No pressure, no tactics – just honest people, blessed to be able to do what we love, and help others along the way. That’s what you get with Kalamazoo Web Design and our Worry-Free Website.

It’s an amazing deal.


Kim Kopec

Kim has over 25 years of experience in marketing, design and communications. She loves to use her creative gifts to help Michigan small businesses (and start-ups) with their online presence and visual branding. Her motto is “Behind every great design, is a substantial amount of coffee!”

2 comments on “The AMAZING Deal!

  1. Kim,

    I love the way you write…you can write for me anytime. Seriously.

    I do like this blog post. I hope to see more of your personality too. As for the offer, I know websites and this is an amazing deal. I keep telling you to charge more, but I understand that you love to serve small business owners.

    So if you are in the need of a website…you should take a deep look at this offer. If you compare it to others, you are likely to waste your time.

    Keep it up.


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