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Your website is unique to you and your audience. We don't use a one-size-fits-all approach. Your website is custom designed to inspire confidence in YOUR brand.

Clarified Content

Don't know what to say?
No problem! We can help simplify your message so users clearly understand your offer and how to take the next step with you.


Never worry about things breaking, or looking bad online. We even publish content updates for you! We handle all things web-related, so you can focus on your business.

Does your current website make you look like an amateur when you're really a professional?

We meet business owners all the time who are frustrated their website is not working for them or representing them well.
You’re tired of:
Kalamazoo Website Help

UGH!! You simply want something that looks good, works well, and makes people want to buy from you. 

You’re not alone. We get it! And, we can help.

Your Website Should be Helping Your Business to Thrive

Custom Web Design

Since 2008, we have helped well over 300 businesses improve their online presence. We can help you, too.

If you’re ready to

  • Be taken more seriously online
  • Get a website that reflects the real you
  • Have an authentic and trusted online presence

It starts with a simple consultation.

Some of our happy clients...

Get better results online with a marketing-forward approach to design!

Run Your Business, Not Your Website - We've Got Your Back!

In addition to providing amazing websites, we’ve saved clients hundreds of hours of frustration by proactively managing all things web-related for them. It’s all included in your affordable monthly support plan.

Things we deal with so you don’t have to:

  • design and content updates – quick & correct!
  • hosting
  • security
  • software updates
  • all other techy behind-the-scenes things
It is such a load off knowing you are maintaining the website... even though I don't give you much to work with, you still make me look good!
Marlene Lawson
Marlene Lawson
Author & Speaker


Schedule a Call

In the time it takes to enjoy a cup of coffee, we’ll review your website goals and identify what’s working and where you can improve.

Let Us Do the
Heavy Lifting

We will create a tailored and  strategic new design that truly reflects your brand and clearly communicates your message.

Run Your Business

Without having to worry about your website, you’ll have more time to do what you do best – run your business like a rock star!

Why Work With Kalamazoo Web Design?

We know you want your business to be taken seriously online and it’s frustrating that your current website isn’t helping much. You’ve worked hard to build a brand people can trust and you don’t want your website reflecting the opposite.

As a smart business owner, you know you need a professionally designed website that attracts your ideal audience and converts them into customers. The problem is:

  • you don’t know where to begin,
  • feel like starting over would be cost-prohibitive,
  • and it would take time you really don’t have to figure it all out

which most likely leaves you feeling overwhelmed and defeated. So you go on ignoring it.

Here’s the good news…

…you don’t have to do this alone! We partner with you to come up with a high-performing website that you love and your visitors love! And, we promise to make it painless. 🙂

Since 2008, we’ve been serving small businesses and the common thread is that most business owners simply want a professional website that doesn’t break the bank AND is hands-off. You want to run your business, not your website. 

Time after time we see business owners (or employees, or volunteers) making costly mistakes with their website because they don’t understand simplified marketing strategy, rules of design, proper site structure, and search engine optimization. If this is you, it’s time to partner up with a skilled professional who can significantly (and continually) improve your online presence, and reduce your stress.

You should be enjoying what you love about running your business, while your valuable website partner (Kalamazoo Web Design!) has your back for all things website related. We understand this might be a bit scary, but rest assured – our clients have told us over and over again how thankful they are that we took care of things for them, quickly and correctly – and kept them looking good online!

If you’re ready to be taken more seriously online, improve trust and confidence in your brand, and feel confident that your website is truly reflecting your business and values, it starts with a simple call.

Schedule a call with us today if:

  • your website is not accurately reflecting you and your business
  • you know your content & messaging could be better
  • you want your visitors to take the next step with you
  • you’re tired of losing your potential customers to your competitor (or losing them to confusion!).

Since 2008 we’ve helped 300+ businesses with their online presence. We would love to help you as well!


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