Update: One of our favorite blog posts, refreshed for 2018! We’re all familiar with the marketing breakdown of infomercials: Introduce ever-so-frustrated life without product Introduce life-changing product Show happy people using life-changing product See testimonials from real product users. (Note small print at bottom of screen about “typical results.”) Price is announced (Yikes, that’s a […]

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Is it time to redesign your website?

Time for a Website Redesign?

The Internet continues to change and advance with new tools and web design standards. Small Business DESIGN Solutions can quickly modernize your site with a design facelift, and implement current user trends website visitors have come to expect! How it works: We look at your existing website and transfer all content (worth keeping) into a […]

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Uh Oh! Did Your Web Designer Leave You High and Dry?

I’ve spoken to two people in the last couple of weeks who were very frustrated because they were left with a website that is NOT working for them. What started out great, fizzled. And that doesn’t take long with technology changing as rapidly as it does. When they went back to their “web designer,” they […]

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I want to Blog but don’t know how!

The good folks at Copyblogger have made available this awesome infographic – 11 Essential Ingredients Every Blog Post Needs! Go ahead, it’s a new year – let’s get crazy! Write something, anything. You don’t even have to publish to the world – save as a draft and come back to it later. But give it […]

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Worry-Free Websites for Churches!

We are excited to soon offer the Worry-Free Website specialized for churches! We know how hard it is to be on top of all the communication that needs to happen within a church – emails, website updates, social media updates, events, etc. Our websites are not only beautifully designed and search-engine friendly, but also allow all […]

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Increase SEO with FREE Local Listings

If you are not taking advantage of free local online listings, your search rankings may be suffering. Below are direct links to the sign-up pages of well known online directories where your small business needs to be listed. Just having a live website, does not guarantee you’ll be easily found online. It’s no different than a phone […]

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WordPress-com-org-Kalamazoo-web-design vs. – What’s the Difference?

I love to promote WordPress as the ultimate CMS (Content Management System) and Blog platform. I specifically use WordPress for my Worry Free Websites, because it is the BEST for search engine exposure and is continually improving due to the generous contributions of the open source community. One thing I often forget to mention, however, […]

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Why Choose a ‘Managed’ Website?

Do you remember that feeling you had when your new website launched? You probably shared it with customers, friends, and posted links to it via social media. Somehow, time went by and being a small-business owner, you got busy running your business. Your best intentions of updating your site, and keeping your content fresh may […]

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