The Worry-Free Website
An All-in-One Solution for Your Business!

You have enough on your plate without also having to think about everything that needs to be done to ensure a successful online presence.
Is your website just sitting out there, getting stale, not accurately or professionally representing you and your brand?

It’s overwhelming being responsible for ALL the things that go into keeping a website modern and keeping everything running smoothly behind the scenes. We handle it all for you, and offer peace of mind as well as renewed confidence in your brand!

This is a typical scenario for a small business website:

  • Business owner hires someone cheap to get a website up because – they need to be online!
  • Or, business owner uses a DIY website builder and creates something subpar because – they need to be online!
  • Or, business owner hired someone over 3 years ago and the website has never changed or been updated to modern web standards.
  • Everything’s great! Until…. it isn’t.
    • Hmmm, why is my site loading so slow?
    • Why doesn’t this look good on my phone?
    • Why is it saying my site is not secure?
    • How come I’m not showing up on Google?
    • Who’s my web host and where is my domain name registered?
    • Why isn’t this working?
    • Why can’t I just add content and an image and make it look good? 
    • Why did my site just go down? Did I do something??
    • Who do I call, and how long will I be on hold before I talk to an international support person who knows nothing about me, my business, or my website?
    • I don’t have time for this! 
    • Ugh! I really wish my website was more professional and better reflected my business!
  • I would love to have a local partner, who I trust, to just deal with all of this!

Enter Kalamazoo Web Design and our Worry-Free Website!

Many small business owners simply don’t have the time or technical experience to stay on top of everything that needs to be done to optimize their site on a regular basis. 

We can help! All of our websites include: 

  • custom, professional design, 
  • continual updates and modernization going forward
  • premium, managed hosting, and
  • quick content updates (the cherry on top!) from our local support team.

You’d rather be running your business, right? With a Worry-Free Website, you can! 

We don’t just build a ‘pretty’ website, we partner with you to ensure your website is working for you and your audience, on a consistent basis, so you can spend time running your business, not wasting valuable time figuring out your website. 

We would love to meet you and learn more about you and your business. Maybe we can work together. We can definitely help ease your burden, so you can do what you do best – while we do what we do best. Win-Win! 

Let’s have a conversation. Consultations are always free!

Small Businesses Deserve Websites!

So, what exactly goes into a solid website?

Smart business owners know it’s important to have a website that accurately and professionally represents you and your business. Although good design makes a favorable first impression, a solid design must also include the following elements for a comprehensive website solution – all of which are included in our Worry-Free websites!

Hover over any element to learn more!


Your visitors should not be overwhelmed and confused by your content. If they are, you will lose them - quickly! We help you simplify your content and clarify your message.


Do your visitors know how to take the next step with you? Whether it is to follow, subscribe, schedule, order, or contact - we make sure the action is clear!


Continually adding new content to your website helps your search engine ranking while also establishing your credibility. Content updates are included with all website plans!


Your site is built to Google standards and includes optimizing every single page for search. We are passionate about setting up a solid foundation on which your site can grow.


Our premium hosting includes top-notch security, lightening speed, daily backups, continually updated software, and friendly, LOCAL support!

As you can see, a solid website design is SO much more than just images and text!

Marketing, aesthetics & flow, content strategy, user-experience, proper site structure, and stellar hosting, (oh my!) will give credibility to your brand, improve search results, and, more importantly, help you to stand out from your competitors.

Are you ready to get serious about your website, your message, and your overall online presence?

As the full “online brochure” for your business, your website is your 24/7 storefront, one of your most effective marketing tools, and should be considered as a serious investment in your overall brand. 

Kalamazoo Web Design is here to help!


Our pricing is simply based on three choices:

1. Site Size/Marketing Need
2. Add-ons
3. Monthly Support Plan

Please let us know if you have any questions.
We will make sure you have exactly what you need – no more, no less! 🙂



We could have listed out a bunch of packages and used fancy pricing psychology, but since our philosophy is “less is more,” we chose to keep it simple and practice what we preach. Purchase only what you need!


Starter Site


  • custom design
  • up to 5 pages
  • your provided content is already written and edited for web and SEO

Starter Site +
Content Strategy +
Google My Business Optimization


For those serious about making the most impact online, clarifying their message, and ranking well locally.


Starter Site +
Google My Business Optimization


Additional pages are $100/page.

Each menu item (including drop down items) is considered a page. All pages are designed and formatted for Google optimization.

Most businesses need these basic pages: Home, About Us, Services or Products, Testimonials/Reviews, Contact/Location

Helpful additional pages: Individual Service or Product pages, Resources, What to Expect, FAQ, Mission Statement, Staff/Team Members, etc.

The more pages on your website for Google to index, the better your odds for ranking higher!


  • Custom, Modern Design
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • HTTPS Secure Site
  • Friendly, Local, Ongoing Support
  • Built-in SEO
  • Google Analytics
  • Image Optimization for Speedy Page Loads
  • Optimized Content Updates*
  • Security Monitoring
  • Regular Software Updates
  • Plugin Updates
  • Premium Licensing for Themes and Plugins

Common Questions:

Continually adding new content to your website is one of the best things you can do to increase your ranking and keep search engines happy. That’s why all of our website plans come with a monthly support plan that includes content updates! We’ll format your content to flow beautifully, and optimize it for search. No more do-it-yourself hassles! Just send us an email and we’ll take care of it!

Content updates are simply “small jobs” that we do for you. Some examples are: 

  • holiday hours
  • upcoming event
  • sales/promotions
  • new products/services
  • new staff
  • swapping out/adding photos
  • adding a new (standard) page
  • updating a form
  • adding a blog post or news item, etc. 

We can even help you come up with blog ideas, or connect you with our content writer. We’re here to help!

Standard content updates do not include significant design changes or custom graphics. Those will be quoted separately. 

First, we will have an initial conversation (phone or in person) to discuss your website goals and design preferences.

You will be asked to provide us with what we need to complete your site:

  • CONTENT – We will need your content in electronic format (Word or Google Doc preferred). We are happy to connect you with our professional content writer for creating your content, or fine-tuning what you already have, so it’s in optimal format for the web.
  • LOGO – We can design a logo if you need one, as we also specialize in Branding services. Otherwise, we will need you logo file. A vector file is preferred (.ai or .eps).
  • IMAGES/GRAPHICS – We are happy to provide stock images for your website if needed. We will let you know how many are included with your website plan. We can also provide a photographer if you need professional photos taken of your business, products, staff, etc. We like to use a lot of visuals to break up your website and draw in your audience. Quality images make all the difference!

We will get to work on the design and send you a preview link of the homepage for your review within 1 – 2 weeks. From there, we will make any design modifications and continue with the rest of the pages.

Upon your approval and final payment, we will launch your shiny, new website!

  • If this is a brand new website, your site will be live shortly after your approval.
  • If this is a redesign of your current website, it may take 24-48 hours for all DNS changes to propagate across the web.

Once your site is live, we are here to add/update content for you and continually improve your website going forward! (see What is an Update tab.) Just email a support request to us and your update will be made within 24 hours. Updates sent late on Friday may not get made until Monday.

Behind the scenes: We keep your website running efficiently by backing it up daily, keeping it secure, monitoring the server for any issues, updating WordPress/plugins/themes, renewing licenses, etc. You don’t have to worry about anything!

A signed contract and 50% deposit is required to start work. The remainder is due upon final approval and prior to launch.

The monthly support plan starts 30-days after signed contract. We will have our part done well within 30 days. 

If 30 days have passed from signing of contract and we have not received all content, yet the initial design is complete, the full contract amount is due. We pride ourselves by doing our part in getting your job done in a timely manner. We simply ask that you do the same. 🙂

We gladly accept credit cards, cash or check. 

There is not one easy answer to this, but here is a blog post we’ve written to help you understand what all goes into that. The best thing we can recommend in addition to having your website built to Google standards (which ours ARE!), is to get your optimized Google My Business (GMB) listing. Learn more about GMB below or get the full details on our Local Search Services page.



These are our most popular custom add-ons for business websites.

Improve your local Google presence!


$ 250
  • Claim, Verify, Setup and Optimize your Google Business Listing

Open any toggle to learn more about these add-ons and how they can improve your website and help your business. Work smarter, not harder! 

Offer the most important information at a glance right within your Google search result! Then, keep visitors in the know by regularly publishing custom designed (well-branded) posts of your latest news, events, specials, and more.
Within the last year a Google My Business (GMB) listing has become one of the main tools for local search optimization and, in addition to a website built for search engines, MUST be a part of your overall online strategy!
One-time setup fee. Regular price $299. Save $49 when purchasing with your new website!

We will connect your website with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter so as soon as a post is published on your site, it will also publish to your social media pages. Because automation is cool – and who wants to do things more than once?
One-time setup fee. Requires Tier 2 ($40 month) support plan.

A Latest News feed is an easy way to add fresh content your website regularly. This is one of the best things you can do to help your search engine rank! We will display posts in a way that reaches your audience the best. Then, we take it one step further by connecting your feed to your social media accounts! Post once to your website, and the post will also auto send to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, generating valuable backlinks.
One-time setup fee. Requires Tier 2 ($40/month) support plan.​

Keep in touch with your subscribers right from your website. We’ll design an eNewsletter to coordinate with your branding, add a signup form to your website, and import your current email list (if needed). If you choose, we will also schedule your blog posts to be sent to your subscribers via email on a schedule you determine.
One-time setup fee. Requires tier 2 ($40/month) support plan.

Offer events? Provide a user-friendly and visually pleasing event calendar. We will create an Events page and display your events in monthly, weekly, or agenda view. We will also add at-a-glance event listings (with or without thumbnail image) to other areas of your site. Lastly, we’ll provide a training video so you can quickly & easily add events yourself. Or, we’re happy to do it for you as part of our ongoing support plan!
One-time setup fee. Requires Tier 3 ($50/month) support plan.​

A picture is worth a thousand words and an authentic picture is ALWAYS better than stock! Up to 10 photos at your location or a location of your choosing. Can include storefront, products, staff, etc.

Sometimes you need more than just a contact form. Membership applications, job applications, event requests, reservation forms, etc. can be set up and entries emailed directly to you. Form entries are easily exportable from your website (csv file), as well.
Final price is based on number and complexity of form(s).​

We can connect your contact form (or any form) to your mobile phone using SMS. That means you have the option to receive a text message as soon as an online form is submitted through your website.

Do you have inventory or other items you need to update on a regular basis? We can set up a custom database right on your website that can be easily edited. We have done this for home listings, rental properties, vehicle sales, and more. A custom database turns your website into a full application that works for you! Ask us to see examples.
One-time setup fee starts at $500. We will custom quote your project. Requires Tier 3 ($50/month) support plan.​

Soon, we will be offering an awesome integration that pulls your reviews from Google, Yelp, and Facebook and beautifully displays them right on your website!
Pricing to be determined…



We offer premium, managed hosting fine-tuned for WordPress. A one-year agreement is required for all support plans. Prices below are for web hosting only and do not include local search monthly plans.


$ 35 Month
  • Premium Managed Hosting
  • One content update per month.


$ 40 Month
  • Premium Managed Hosting
  • One content update per month.
  • Support of Tier 2 Add-Ons


$ 50 Month
  • Premium Managed Hosting
  • 4 content updates per month.
  • Support of Tier 3 Add-Ons


$ 75 Month
  • Premium Managed Hosting
  • 6 content updates per month.
  • Support of Tier 4 Add-Ons

We are proud to parter with Rumspeed for superior west Michigan hosting. We have been working together since 2013!

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