Real Estate Agent Branding and Website Design

Jodi Noble came to us for brand strategy that included a logo, website, and starter social media graphics, to showcase her services and experience – as well as her personality.

We started with a brand strategy session where we took a deep dive into her business to learn more about her expertise, ideal client, and what sets her apart.

We then crafted a new logo and tied the graphic elements into the custom design of her new website.

Her website included professional brand photography from our partner, Grace Photography. A location and models were secured for a photo session that was on point for professional and consistent images for Jodi’s website and social media. Our branding photographer also worked with Jodi for hair, makeup, and wardrobe, in addition to suggesting scenes for her images – interaction, backgrounds, flats, complementary props, and more. Learn more about how professional branding photography will help set you apart from your competition.


  • Logo Design
  • Brand Guide
  • Professional Photography
  • Copywriting
  • Custom Website Design

Now, Jodi looks as AMAZING online as she is in person! 🙂

Kim was incredible to work with. I had heard about her from another business professional that shared some of her work. I was very impressed and reached out. The things that really impressed me were that she listened to my ideas and really wanted to know who I was. She was very professional and made the entire process very simple and enjoyable!

Jodi Noble
Jodi Noble
Real Estate Agent


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Kim Kopec

Kim has over 25 years of experience in marketing, design, and communications. Perfection-obsessed, Kim delights in crafting custom WordPress websites with story, strategy, and style. She believes everyone deserves to look AMAZING online – as amazing as they are in person! :)