The B’s Nest – Interior Consulting

What a fun website design for this brand new business! The B’s Nest wanted a minimal website design to let their amazing images speak for themselves. We had fun with the black and white color scheme and added just a tiny pop of pink to break things up. As their business grows, we will continue to partner with them to add portfolios with galleries and testimonials.

The Kalamazoo area is lucky to have such great local design talent, and WE were lucky to be able to be a part of helping them create a beautiful online presence that showcases that talent and their personality. Thank you! <3

Visit the website: The B’s Nest – Interior Consulting

Thank you so much for your help!! It looks beautiful and I feel like it looks like “me”. 😊

Bridget Berchiatti
Bridget Berchiatti
The B's Nest

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