Uh Oh! Did Your Web Designer Leave You High and Dry?

I’ve spoken to two people in the last couple of weeks who were very frustrated because they were left with a website that is NOT working for them. What started out great, fizzled. And that doesn’t take long with technology changing as rapidly as it does. When they went back to their “web designer,” they were not getting help with how to update their site, things on the site weren’t working, and the software wasn’t being updated. Unfortunately, I’ve spoken with MANY people over my last 7 years in business that have had this happen. Sometimes the designer completely disappears and the client can’t even login to their own site.Kalamazoo-web-design-partnershipThis is unacceptable.

I pride myself on customer satisfaction, but two items are huge when it comes to website design.

  1. Don’t just offer customer service, establish customer relationships. Many of my customers are people I’m happy to have gained as friends. It is important to me that when I’m hired for a job, it is an ongoing partnership. I get pretty jazzed when I see my customers’ businesses succeed! Why wouldn’t I want to continue being a part of that? I aim to be available and don’t nickel and dime for a 5-minute fix. Need training? Let’s meet for coffee and knock it out! Have a question about email, hosting, domain names – give me a call!
  2. Use WordPress for all websites. What does that have to do with anything, you ask? Well, the WordPress community is full of people who want to help people. It’s not about competition, it’s about helping others use this amazing platform to it’s fullest potential. Did you know that the WordPress software is free? Also known as open source, WordPress is improving – on a daily basis because of the community of developers, designers, coders and web geeks, all over the world, who are continually working to make it better. WordPress currently powers about 26% of websites around the world and I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of this community.

I never want a client of mine to feel they’ve been left to fend for themselves. Yuck! I mean really, you have a business to run – don’t you want your website working smoothly for you, behind the scenes, so you can focus on your hundreds of other tasks? This is why I offer the Worry-Free Website.

For a monthly fee that’s less than a paid intern, you get to chillax knowing everything is working smoothly for you. And, if you ever need anything, we are just an email or phone call away. Not only is your Worry-Free Website mobile responsive, fast, secure and modern, but we also update your content for you! Say what!? You mean I get all that for one small monthly fee? Yup. No more:

  • finagling with formatting
  • playing to get the right picture size
  • stressing over search engine optimization.

It’s all taken care of, we LOVE to do it, and we get it done fast.

Check out all the features of the Worry-Free website and see if it’s for you. My guess is, you will probably want to jump on board so you can worry less about your website, and focus more on your business.


Kim Kopec

Kim has over 25 years of experience in marketing, design and communications. She loves to use her creative gifts to help Michigan small businesses (and start-ups) with their online presence and visual branding. Her motto is “Behind every great design, is a substantial amount of coffee!”

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