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One of the things I absolutely love about my job is the variety of clients I help. I am always learning something new! This launch was no exception. Our Wisconsin client, Kim Anderson, with The Unapologetic Pen, teaches a virtual writing course called Truth Teller writing. As I was learning more about her business, I watched her intro video and did the exercise. Wow. This was definitely a powerful experience for me, as a woman, and as someone who resonates with this kind of thought provoking/no holds barred writing exercise. I highly recommend checking out her website and signing up for the newsletter to at least view the introductory video, that is, if you want to really “Write your truth – and give zero f*ucks how it lands.” 🙂

We were honored to be a small part of Kim’s big dream to turn her dream business into reality. We gave her

  • a brand new logo,
  • professional copywriting,
  • custom designed website.

Check it out here:

Maybe you are ready to dive into your dream business? If so, we can give you a beautiful, professional website that authentically reflects your passion and helps you to shine online. We would love to lighten your load of starting a new business by being your valuable website partner. If you’re a Kalamazoo-area professional woman, check out our elite offering, We would love to be a small part of your big dream! 🙂



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Client Testimonial

“When I began looking for a web designer for my new business I was completely overwhelmed by my choices. I knew that as a new business, I had a budget to follow, needed guaranteed results, and needed to work with someone who could both guide me and listen to me.

After an “interview” of sorts with Kim, I knew immediately that she was the best fit for me and in hindsight, I was right. Kim was extremely responsive to my requests for logo revisions and website copy and design. She took the time to learn about me and the voice and feel I wanted to give my website…and she completely nailed it. She designed a logo, website and copy that completely launched my business in a way I could only have dreamed of.

I have gotten endless compliments on my website and I truly feel that no one else could have gotten me to this point. I highly recommend Kim to anyone looking for a web designer who will truly listen to you and one that will deliver exactly what you are looking for.”


Kim Kopec

Kim has 20+ years of experience in marketing, design, and communications. Perfection-obsessed, Kim delights in crafting custom WordPress websites with story and style. Her motto is “Behind every great design, is a substantial amount of coffee!”