Why Choose a ‘Managed’ Website?

Original article posted August, 2013. Updated January 14, 2019

Do you remember that feeling you had when your new website launched? You probably shared it with customers, friends, and posted links to it on social media. Somehow, time went by and you got busy running your business. Your best intentions of updating your site, and keeping your content fresh may have gone out the window because you didn’t have time, had writer’s block, or simply forgot how to login and do it – or it didn’t look professional when you did.

The amount of small business owners who are moving into a managed website is increasing substantially. I used to think that people wanted a great website design and the ability to update it themselves in order to have complete control and save a few bucks. Times have changed since I started designing small business websites 10 years ago. Now, I’m finding that small business owners are seeing great value in having their website managed for them. With the advancement of technology and the web, it’s hard to efficiently stay on top of all the moving parts of a successful website. You want a website that not only looks great but functions flawlessly and is updated regularly.

That’s where we come in. Your website needs to work – for you and your website visitors. Our platform takes the pain out of managing your website.

WordPress Managed Hosting

Our superior managed hosting is fine-tuned for WordPress sites and includes fast page loads, sparsely populated servers, daily backups, website encryption (https), malware protection, licenses for software, and continual software and plugin updates. The cost savings alone for premium* plugin and theme licenses is well worth it! Also, our hosting is Michigan based! Have a question? You get me or my partner, Scot. Quick, friendly, local help from people you know!

Publishing Support

There are a few key factors when it comes to helping with your search engine rank. One of those is continually adding fresh content to your website! Unfortunately, this is where most people completely drop the ball. Business owners are busy!! Just send a simple email to us and we will add content to your site and optimize it for search. We can even help you with ideas! Examples include:

  • New products
  • New services
  • Discontinued product/service notices
  • Specials
  • Testimonials/customer quotes
  • Case studies
  • Updated photos of your products
  • Location change/addition
  • Hours change (holiday hours?)
  • Staff changes
  • Latest news in your industry
  • Links to other relevant articles on the web.
  • Updates relevant to your industry and your audience
  • Fun facts
  • FAQ - do a series of Frequently Asked Questions - this could easily be 10 blog posts!


Designing a great website and handing over the keys is no longer the best option for us or our clients. We value our relationship with our clients want to see you succeed by ensuring that your website will be used to its fullest potential. By delivering a fast and effective website that looks great, is regularly maintained, AND publishing your content for you on a regular basis, you can focus on running your business.

Contact us today to learn more about our Worry-Free website. We’re here to partner with you so you can work smarter not harder.


*Standard plugins for optimal web performance include custom forms, image compression, security, SEO, SSL, tracking codes, themes, and more! All of these usually have a yearly cost associated with them and if they aren’t updated, they are no longer supported. That’s something you never have to worry about with a Worry-Free website!

Kim Kopec

Kim has over 25 years of experience in marketing, design and communications. She loves to use her creative gifts to help Michigan small businesses (and start-ups) with their online presence and visual branding. Her motto is “Behind every great design, is a substantial amount of coffee!”

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