Worry-Free Websites for Churches!

We are excited to soon offer the Worry-Free Website specialized for churches! We know how hard it is to be on top of all the communication that needs to happen within a church – emails, website updates, social media updates, events, etc.

Our websites are not only beautifully designed and search-engine friendly, but also allow all of your communications to be streamlined! Post once to your website and your information goes out to your social media networks and email list.

We also offer online sermon players, event calendars and pastor/leadership blogs.

Lastly and BEST – we update your content for you! This is what sets us apart from other church website developers. We partner with you. Just send us your information and we’ll publish for you and make sure your website pushes out the information to all other communication channels. It’s really pretty sweet.

No more:

  • Training and retraining volunteers to update your website.
  • Staff spending extra time to make sure everything is communicated everywhere it should be.
  • Worrying about your hosting and domain renewals – it’s all included!

Visit our webpage to learn more, then give us a call. We’ll sit down with a cup of coffee and talk about your specific website needs.

We would LOVE to get your feedback. If you could fill out a simple questionnaire, it will be a huge help for us to continue to build the best product for churches. Thank you!



Kim Kopec

Kim has over 25 years of experience in marketing, design and communications. She loves to use her creative gifts to help Michigan small businesses (and start-ups) with their online presence and visual branding. Her motto is “Behind every great design, is a substantial amount of coffee!”

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